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Recruitment Position:

Foreign trade sales

Job Requirements:

1. Can work under pressure, strong learning ability, independent thinking ability and problem-solving orientation;

2. Bachelor's degree or above;

3. Fluent oral language, can communicate with English speaker smoothly;

4. Have the willing to develop in foreign trade field in long term.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Participate in domestic and international medical exhibitions;

2. Upload and maintain products on Alibaba and other business websites, respond to inquiries in time, provide quotations, handle the orders, etc;

3. Develop customers through websites such as Linkedin, Facebook, Google, and other social media;

4. Follow up on customers’orders, arrange transportation and customs clearance issues;

5. Other work related to foreign trade.

Salary And Benefits:

Basic Salary+Commision+Bonus.


Flexible working hours, optional weekends and weekends, five insurances and one fund, team building, and free dormitories.

Work Address:

Building C, Junxuan Science and Technology Park, No. 16 Yinkui Road, Kuichong Street, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen

Contact Information:

18682191360 Miss Yang

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