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Blood Pressure Transducer

Product features

1. High quality chips, accurate measurement.

2. Easy to use, nine connector for option, compatible with a variety of interface cables.

3. The extrusion design of flush valve, convenient to use in clinical.

Product order information

Dispossible Pressure Transducer

Single Channel Kit Double Channel KitTriple Channel Kit
Product No. Description Product No. DescriptionProduct No.Description
011001Abbott connector012001Abbott connector013001 Abbott connector
011002 Utah connector 012002 Utah connector013002 Utah connector
011003 Phillips connector 012003 Phillips connector013003 Phillips connector
011004 BD connector 012004 BD connector013004 BD connector
011005 PVB connector 012005 PVB connector013005 PVB connector
011006 Medex connector 012006 Medex connector013006 Medex connector
011007 Edward connector 012007 Edward connector013007 Edward connector
011008 USB connector 012008 Utah connector013008 Utah connector
011009 Safsure connector 012009 Safsure connector013009 Safsure connector